The practice makes films about its work. A film of our recent project at Nolton Haven Chapel (‘The Chapel by the Sea’) is posted here: a Welsh language version (‘Capel ar lan y Môr’) can be found by following the link to ‘Vimeo’ and then clicking on ‘Frans Nicholas’).

A further film, on our recently completed major repair work to Mathry Church in Pembrokeshire, is in preparation, and will be posted here shortly.

In making such films, the practice seeks to follow the approach that informs our building conservation work: we seek to create well-crafted and well-researched films that inform in depth, and that add honestly and usefully to current debate and knowledge about building conservation.

As with our architectural work, these films are the product of teamwork, and are made with the collaboration of all involved: clients; other stakeholders and grantors; those working on site; and the visiting public.